Darma Valley 2013

DarmaValley2013 Three 2013's packs in one Title: 55 maps in two easy levels, 220 medals, custom MOBjects.

MOBjects are experimental, unsupported, unofficial and ugly textured VERY large objects that fill the whole building space of Valley: often maps are non-respawnable, or have some hole in the object, or simply you can find unacceptable the poor quality of my work.

Nevertheless, i'm proud of my maps based on original and heretic thinking, and to my advise, very fun to build and absolutely unusual to race.

If you don't like the experiment, i will immediately refund the 100 planets price, just write to darmaya@gmail.com and i will be glad to refund something that is useless for you.

Title: Country
Env: Valley

Release: 1.0 24/01/13
Author: Heretica
Collection: MOB
Size: 142MB
Maps: 55
Custom Obj: yes 

Mod: Clean Cut
Price: 100